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Preparing the Fly Fishing Tackle

Putting the fly fishing tackle together can be a little bit confusing if you do not have the right guidance. Starting without getting some assistance and good advices can be frustrating and for sure not the right way to start. The best way to get the right guidance is from experience person like a friend, the fly fishing shop that you bought your fly fishing equipment or a fly fishing club in your area. In order to give you some guidance and to help you to start preparing your fly fishing tackle, we outline the fly fishing tackle components and the actions to take in order to prepare it.

There are seven components in a typical fly fishing tackle.

  • Rod
  • Reel
  • Backing
  • Fly Line
  • Leader
  • Tippet Material
  • Flies
Commonly, these components are packed separately. This means that there is a little preparation to be done before you will be able to start fishing. This preparation includes attaching:
  • The fly line to the backing
  • The backing to the reel
  • The leader to the fly line
  • The tippet to the leader
  • The fly to the tippet

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